Jonathan Knegtel

Currently exploring processes
I love building products and getting hands on
Enjoy moderating dicussions and working towards a better world
Open to providing input on all things Blockchain and future related
Can be spotted wearing a wooden bow tie at events

Stuff I have done

Co-founder at (acq CBInsights)
Head of Growth at Dealroom
Entrepreneur in Residence at Stecc
Consulted for various early stage startups
Digital Strategy Manager at JETWISE
Dropped out of Electrical Engineering
Organised Eindhoven Startup Weekend 2014
Organised UPRISE Startup Festival Amsterdam 1 & 2
Interned at Eindhoven Startups Foundation and Metabolic
Tried to build Finno - Mobile Personal Financial Advisor
Talked at Startup Pirates Maastricht 2015 as inspiration
Attended Various week long Masterclasses and Hackathons / others

Research I've done:

Apps I love:

Mentions in the news: